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In just 8 weeks you'll be an... 

Internationally-Certified Crisis & Recovery Coach


Our World is Full of Crushing Stress, Shocking Chaos, and Unpredictable Crises. 

As a result...

The Fastest Growing, #1 In-Demand Coaching Specialty In The World Is A Certified Crisis & Recovery Coach 

14-Day Full Guarantee > for Peace of Mind

Internationally Certified Crisis & Recovery Coach certification pROGRAM CLOSES: May 18th.


Relieve Suffering

Embark on a transformative journey as an Internationally-Certified Crisis & Recovery Coach, where you are not just choosing a career but embracing a calling that empowers you to create profound impact in the lives of others.

  • Create Epic Impact: As a certified Crisis & Recovery Coach, you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead individuals from the grips of addiction to a path of recovery and thriving. Your role transcends coaching; you become a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, helping clients rediscover their strengths and rebuild their lives
  • Work in an In-Demand Niche: Crisis and Recovery Coaching is currently the most sought-after niche globally. In times of crisis, individuals actively seek and are ready to invest in expert coaching that can guide them past their pain and towards a life of freedom and fulfillment. Your services will not just be in demand; they will be essential.
  • Join a Community of Change Makers: As part of this certification, you join a network of like-minded professionals. This community provides support, shares knowledge, and offers collaboration opportunities, ensuring you are never alone in your journey to make a difference.
  • ​Experience Time Freedom: Unlock the door to a lifestyle where you control your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your working hours, allowing you to balance work with personal life, hobbies, and leisure. This freedom ensures you’re at your best, both as a professional and an individual.
  • ​Embrace Location Independence: With this certification, the world becomes your office. Whether it’s working from a serene beach, a bustling city cafe, or the comfort of your home, you have the liberty to work from anywhere in the world. This global mobility not only enhances your personal life but also expands your professional reach.
  • Achieve Financial Freedom: The demand for skilled Crisis & Recovery Coaches is at an all-time high, providing you with a multitude of opportunities to build a prosperous career. Your expertise means you can attract and retain clients who are seeking professional guidance and are willing to invest in their journey towards recovery, earning you to a life of abundance.

Your work as a Crisis & Recovery Coach goes beyond the immediate impact. You are helping individuals rewrite their life stories, a legacy that extends to their families and communities, echoing through generations.

​This certification isn’t just about a career choice; it’s about embracing a life purpose. It’s an opportunity to shape a better world while achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

Join our Tribe. Be a part of this transformative movement.

Elevate Your Impact

  • ​Accredited ​Recovery & Crisis Coaching Certification ($4,997 Value)
  • ​LIVE SESSIONS WITH THE CO-FOUNDERS: ​1 Welcome/Intro class ​PLUS 8x Weekly Live Online Group Coaching sessions (90mins each) PLUS 8x Weekly Live Round Table Discussion (90mins) PLUS Experiential Coaching sessions ($8,449 Value)
  • ​Private, Members Only Community Group with one year access ($1,997 Value) 
  • ​Class Materials, Templates and Documents ($497 Value)
  • ​​1 Year Access to Recordings of Every Class ($697 Value)
  • ​​90-Minute One-on-One Consultation Session with the Co-founders ($497 Value)​​
  • ​Coaches Club > FREE 2-Month Membership into the private Coaches Club ($294 Value) 
  • ​Practice Coaching Days > Two 90-minute practice coaching sessions where you coach and receive personalized insights and tips on how to supercharge your coaching mastery ($994 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #1: Neuro W.I.N.S. (Water, Immune System, Nutrients, Supplements) discover the secrets to power up your brain & body for optimal performance ($697 Value) 
  • Bonus #2: Social Media Content Calendar for 30-Days ($497 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Marketing & Sales Mentoring to launch your new coaching business! ($3,497 Value)

total: $23,113

only: $2,497


or 3 easy payments of $897/month usd


We're so certain that you'll love this inspiring, rich program we've created a 14-Day money back guarantee.

Hassle-Free > For Peace of Mind

refund period closes June 6th

(over the course of 8 weeks)

Live Trainings

8-Week Program:
Tuesday's > Teaching
​Thursday's > Roundtable Discussion

Each Day Starts @ 10a PT / 11a MT / 12p CT / 1p ET


23rd, 28th, 30th


4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th


2nd, 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th, 23rd 

registration closes when the clock strikes zero:

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Crisis & Recovery Coaching Certification Program

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Crisis & Recovery Coaching Certification Program
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Crisis & Recovery Coaching Certification Program
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Crisis & Recovery Coaching Certification Program
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Crisis & Recovery Coaching Certification Program
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Is Crisis & Recovery Coaching

Really right For Me...??

Are you...

  • An aspiring coach looking to kick-start your coaching career?
  • ​A current coach seeking to elevate your coaching skills and get more paying clients?
  • ​A professional​ aiming to amplify your impact and attain more life freedom?
  • ​Passionate about helping others overcome addiction and realize lasting recovery?
  • ​Someone who people just seem to 'open up' and tell you everything?
  • ​Someone who has a strong intuition or deep empathy for others?
  • ​Wanting to create a life that has deeper impact?
  • ​Ready to make more money and be financially independent? ​
  • Passionate about more freedom in your life - to work (and play) when you want?
  • ​Wanting to travel and have greater work/life balance?
  • ​Ready to be in high demand as a specialized coach?  ​

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, than Crisis & Recovery Coach Certification Program is definitely for YOU!

What If You Are The Light Someone Is Waiting For?

Sign Up Today...

You'll discover the secrets and power of the brain-first approach to coaching - creating heroic impact leading people to live their inspirational comeback.

(This program will be brought to you LIVE on our exclusive Zoom call. If you can't attend the live session, don't worry! The replays will be available in our Private Facebook group for you to watch anytime. And we'll personally support you in our group and with the many extra bonus sessions. 


14-Day Full Guarantee - No Questions Asked

refund period closes June 6th

Hear What Others Say

Now's The Time To take action and achieve results...

Internationally Certified Crisis & Recovery Coach

When you say “yes” and join the program today, we'll show you, in just 8 weeks, how to approach those in need so they can live their most epic and inspirational comeback story.


With Our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
​You Have Peace Of Mind
​No Questions > Hassle Free Guarantee

refund period closes June 6th

At last, a knowledgeable guide who can lead aspiring recovery coaches on the path to effectively support individuals in their journey toward recovery

Become an Internationally-Certified Recovery & Crisis Coach

For Those Who Are Prepared To Help Those In Crisis:

Listen up...

If you want to effectively aid individuals in crisis and bring them a sense of control and peace in this unpredictable world we live in today...

... then you're at the right place.

Here's their story:

Back in 2008, Dave Kenney, a dedicated educator with over three decades of experience, found himself in a prestigious Canadian private school.

Within this institution, he increasingly encountered frustration with an educational system that seemed out of touch with the needs of its students.

This system allowed well-intentioned students to grapple with challenges, often resulting in failure and a sense of being left behind by conventional academic standards.

The relentless emphasis on performance placed more vulnerable students in perilous situations, leaving them susceptible to self-destructive behaviors, depression, and even the lure of substance abuse. Trapped within a zero-tolerance environment, these students faced expulsion as their first and only option, leaving them forgotten in the system.

This situation weighed heavily on Dave, causing him significant inner turmoil.

"there has got to be another way..."

During this period, Dave crossed paths with Susan, a vibrant educator and a seasoned entrepreneur with three decades of success under her belt.

Susan had also earned certification as a nutritionist, and her passion lay in mentoring young individuals to become leaders within their own lives and communities. Beyond that, she was deeply committed to discovering holistic solutions for the increasing mental, emotional, and physical challenges that society was grappling with each passing year.

Her insatiable curiosity led her to actively explore innovative approaches that centered on the undeniable interplay between brain health, the human body, and overall flourishing.

Dave and Susan both shared a fervent dedication to empowering others to seize control of their well-being and achieve success. They were eager to provide extensive support and mentorship to the troubled students who sought their guidance.

Recognizing the direct correlation between brain function and learning challenges, among other issues, Dave and Susan embarked on a profound journey of contemplation. They began to ponder a pivotal question: "Can we enhance and optimize our brain?"

Over the course of several years, they immersed themselves in the study of brain function and its profound influence on human behavior.

Diving Deep into Brain Science...

During their exploration, they encountered the groundbreaking works of distinguished experts like Dr. Marian Diamond, who pioneered the concept of neuroplasticity, Dr. Mark Hyman, who introduced the notion of a 'challenged brain,' Dr. Joe Dispenza, known for his teachings on brain rewiring and self-healing, and Dr. Daniel Amen, who revolutionized brain health through cutting-edge imaging techniques.

It was at this juncture that they recognized the potential to assist individuals in rewiring and enhancing their brains, potentially overcoming behavioral obstacles and achieving true flourishing. The realization dawned that people could not only survive but indeed thrive.

In 2011, they established Emergo Recovery, a distinguished private residential recovery center that has supported numerous families on their journey to recovery and transformation. They harnessed the core principles of Actualized Recovery®, a methodology centered on optimizing brain function, grounded in five essential pillars: physiology, psychology, spirit, connection, and lifestyle.

Transforming Lives at Emergo's Oasis!

Collaborating with a team of dedicated professionals, including recovery coaches, skilled chefs, nutritionists, physical trainers, outdoor and wilderness experts, consulting therapists, practitioners of play therapy, equine therapy specialists, and naturopathic physicians, they crafted personalized and targeted brain health recovery plans for each individual.

Their distinctive approach, known as Actualized Recovery, yielded positive outcomes for clients grappling with a wide spectrum of challenges.

These encompassed co-occurring disorders, addiction (ranging from hard to soft addictions), anxiety, depression, issues related to launching into adulthood, eating disorders, PTSD, concussions, anger management, learning difficulties, phobias, memory deficits, thoughts of suicide, and more.

During this time, Dave and Susan remained dedicated to their study of the brain and its intricate functions.

They pursued certifications as brain health coaches and underwent top-tier training in various domains, including life coaching, recovery strategies, brainwave optimization, and nutrition.

Emergo Recovery evolved into a prominent private residential treatment center in Canada, a journey that spanned nearly a decade. What initially began as a modest endeavor funded through their personal resources and family support blossomed into a sprawling and tranquil 14-acre estate, where clients embarked on their inner voyage of healing, recovery, and self-discovery.

Unforeseen Opportunities Emerge Amid Pandemic Disruption

An Unexpected Turn Of Events...

Then came an unforeseen twist in the narrative of the 21st century...

In April 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated travel restrictions and the closure of private group facilities, Dave and Susan found themselves compelled to close the doors to their private residential program. Despite their unwavering commitment and fervor for their mission, they confronted the stark reality that reopening the center seemed improbable and was beyond their control.

What were they supposed to do now?

However, in a curious turn of fate, a new and pressing demand for their expertise emerged, and it was not confined to their local community. A surge in demand began to manifest on a global scale.

The world needed their support...

Across the globe, people grappled with the profound repercussions of the pandemic. This brought forth an ongoing sense of distress, depression, and anxiety, which, in turn, eroded motivation and led to self-destructive patterns of behavior.

Now, more than ever, individuals sought fresh tools and support to rise above life's challenges and emerge as the most optimized, harmonious, and empowered versions of themselves.

So a question arose...

"What if we can impact over a million people?"

Envision the prospect of coaching, instructing, and guiding professionals utilizing the tried-and-true Actualized Recovery methodology. Dave and Susan have been sharing this exclusive system with professionals since 2011.

Why not continue this mission? And why not expand its reach?

Their aspiration is to impart this knowledge and certify 1,000 coaches, each capable of assisting 1,000 clients by 2026. The outcome would mean that over 1,000,000 individuals and their families can not only survive but truly flourish by understanding the underlying factors behind these challenging behaviors.

The demand for this endeavor is unparalleled.

Professionals have also been profoundly affected by the pandemic and are seeking meaningful career paths as recovery coaches, building robust client bases on their own terms.

To meet this demand, Emergo Academy has been established, aimed at educating like-minded professionals to transcend the ordinary and embrace their calling in an emerging and noble field, poised to make a substantial impact.

Inspired by their experiences, Dave and Susan's mission has been reinvigorated.

Through Emergo Academy, they are committed to guiding millions of people across the globe in reclaiming their health, reigniting their motivation, and reclaiming their lives—all through a revolutionary brain-centric approach to recovery coaching.

YOU can be a part of the 1,000 coaches that will change one MILLION lives!

The Recovery Coach Certification Program has been a game-changer for countless people, and YOU have the chance to join this journey too!

day 1 - [date & time]

Creating Connections

Realize the remarkable influence of cultivating authentic connections with individuals on their recovery path.

Within this program, you'll acquire a toolkit of essential strategies and techniques dedicated to helping you build trust, establish meaningful rapport, and hone effective communication skills.

These newfound abilities will not only lay the foundation for a coaching relationship steeped in support and empowerment but also enable you to guide individuals on their journey towards lasting transformation with empathy and authenticity.

Secret 2

the Power of the Brain

Realize the pivotal role the brain plays in steering one's behavior. Discover the transformative power of optimizing brain function and health, an indispensable element for a life in full bloom.

Explore the five interwoven Principles of Actualized Recovery, all approached through a brain-centric perspective, and witness how aligning the brain's functioning unlocks the path to unleashing your future clients extraordinary potential.

Secret 3

Beyond Coaching

Recognize that recovery coaches go way beyond your typical coaching gig; they can be the ones who help save lives.

For those who dive into this incredible journey, it's not just rewarding – it's heartwarming. You get to walk alongside individuals as they journey from tough times to brighter days, and that's purposeful in a way that hits home. You'll see the incredible strength of the human spirit and be there as a source of support and cheerleading during life's toughest battles.

But Hurry! this will most likely be the ONLY Recovery Coach Certification Program offered at such a low price...

The information you will learn is extremely valuable and we will have to charge more for it next time we teach this...

So Don’t Wait! Join The Recovery Coach Certification Program Today For $2497 Right Now!

Your Hosts During This

8-week Recovery Coach Certification Program!

Dave Kenney

Dave serves as the Co-Founder of Emergo Academy, an esteemed institution accredited for its educational programs that provide mentorship and certification for professional Recovery Coaches.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts from Northern Arizona University and a Master's degree in education from Northwestern State University.

Dave is the visionary behind Actualized Recovery®—The Brain-First Approach™ to Thriving, a groundbreaking and exclusive methodology that seamlessly integrates neuroscience, physiology, psychology, spiritual elements, interpersonal connections, and lifestyle considerations. This approach empowers individuals to reclaim their lives and thrive.

Prior to his role at Emergo Academy, Dave was instrumental in founding and leading Emergo Recovery, a distinguished private residential recovery and wellness center.

He holds a rich portfolio of qualifications, including certification as a Brain Health Coach from Amen University, membership in the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), affiliation with the Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC), expertise as a Life Coach, certification as a Recovery Coach, facilitation of SMART Recovery sessions, and certification as a BrainEcho neurotechnician through Brain State Technologies.

Dave's leadership prowess has been officially acknowledged, notably as Chair of Humber College's postgraduate Health and Wellness program.

Susan Kenney

Susan Kenney serves as the Co-Founder of Emergo Academy, an accredited educational program specializing in mentoring and certifying professional Recovery Coaches.

Susan is the driving force behind Actualized Recovery®, known as The Brain-First Approach™ to Thriving, a pioneering and exclusive methodology that seamlessly integrates neuroscience, physiology, psychology, spirituality, interpersonal connections, and lifestyle considerations, enabling individuals to reclaim their lives and flourish.

Prior to her role at Emergo Academy, Susan held the position of Co-Founder and Director of Therapeutic Wellness at Emergo Recovery, a distinguished private residential recovery and wellness center.

With her extensive background as an educator, entrepreneur, and business owner spanning over three decades, Susan brings a wealth of experience to her work.

Susan's impressive qualifications include certification as a Brain Health Coach with the Amen Clinics, training in Health & Wellbeing Coaching from Wellcoaches, Certification from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard Medical School) for Chef Coaching, Positive Psychology Certification from the Wholebeing Institute, mastery as a BrainEcho Technician with Brain State Technologies, accreditation as a sports nutritionist through BodyMind Institute, and Reiki Mastery.

Additionally, Susan has delved into Functional Medicine under the guidance of Chris Kresser at the Kresser Institute, an approach centered on uncovering the root causes of personal imbalances and dysfunctions, empowering clients toward enhanced well-being and contentment.

this is Your Chance To improve the lives of those living in crisis...

...Will You Take It?

Ready To be a part of the 1,000?

What You Can Expect From The Recovery Coach Certification Program!

BEFORE The Program:

  • Overwhelmed: Feeling daunted by the complexities of addiction and recovery
  • Uncertain: Not knowing where to start or how to effectively help individuals in crisis
  • Inadequate: Doubting your ability to make a meaningful impact on clients' lives
  • Isolated: Lacking a supportive network of like-minded professionals
  • Frustrated: Seeing people struggle without the tools to assist them
  • Stagnant: Wanting to advance your coaching career but feeling stuck

AFTER The Program:

  • Empowered: Equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle addiction and recovery challenges
  • Confident: Capable of guiding individuals on their recovery journey with assurance
  • Competent: Ready to make a significant, positive impact on clients' lives
  • Connected: Part of a supportive community of certified recovery coaches
  • Effective: Seeing clients make progress and overcome obstacles
  • Advancing: Positioned for career growth and personal development in coaching

No Questions Asked 14-Day Guarantee

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For

The Recovery Coach Certification Program Today!

  • ​Full-accredited Addiction-Recovery Coach Certification ($2,497 Value)
  • One Orientation class, 8x Weekly Live Online Group Coaching sessions (90mins each), and 8x Weekly Live Round Table Discussion & Practice Experience sessions ($7,997 Value)
  • Class Materials, Templates and Documents ($497 Value)​​
  • ​​Lifetime Access to Recordings of Every Class ($697 Value)
  • ​Lifetime access to an exclusive online support group for ongoing learning, partnering and Q&A ($997 Value)
  • ​Addiction-Recovery Coach Certification upon completion of all course requirements ($997 Value)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #1: Social Media Content Calendar for 30 Days ($497 Value)
  • ​​Fast Action Bonus #2: DFY (Done For You) Marketing Materials ($697 Value)
  • ​​Fast Action Bonus #3: TWO Private One-on-One Consultation/Coaching Calls with one of the Co-Founders personally ($997 Value)
  • One: 45min Private On-boarding call (at the start of the course)   (Priceless...)
  • One: 45min Private Launch call (near the end of the course)   (Priceless...)

Normally: $15,873

Today's Price: $2497!

one-time payment


3 Easy Payments Of $897/Month

14-day money-back guarantee


90 Minute LIVE Virtual Event Over The Course Of 8 Weeks: Internationally Certified Recovery & Crisis Coach


Oct- 26th, 31st
Nov- 2nd, 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 28th, 30th
Dec- 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 21st


To Create Heroic Impact &
To Realize Epic Freedom

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